Transcoding / File Conversion

Media management made easy.

Whether you are a content producer, distributer, service provider or broadcaster the number of different media formats that you need to deal with has increased exponentially. As a result the need for the highest possible file processing and standards conversion has never been more critical.

CapsulePRO utilizes the latest technologies to deliver unsurpassed quality at ultra-fast processing speeds combined with exceptional pricing. CapsulePRO provides extensive file format support as well as dynamic, decision-based workflows that puts you in the drivers seat.

By eliminating tedious manual transcoding tasks and expensive handling of tape, CapsulePRO transcoding simplifies media distribution by saving you time, effort and money.

CapsulePRO’s ongoing support for evolving formats, you can rest assured that you’ll have a content repurposing solution that you won’t outgrow.

So What Next?

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