Descriptive Video

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Described Video (also known as Audio Description) makes your video accessible to millions of blind and visually impaired individuals. During the natural pauses in the dialogue, a narrator describes the essential visual elements of the scene.

Audio description can be provided for programming going to broadcast, DVD/Blu-ray, certain Streaming VOD platforms, and online distribution. It is accessible on broadcast programming via a secondary audio channel (SAP), and on DVD/Blu-ray media via a talking menu option.

Our experienced team of description writers, voice talent, and audio engineers will quickly and professionally describe your program. We can provide you with whatever you need, whether it’s only a timed script, a description-only track, a mixed track, or a broadcast-ready master with closed captions and audio description.

Our Process

Our audio description is done in-house from start to finish — from script writing to audio mixing — allowing us to offer our clients fast turnarounds, strict quality control, and extremely competitive rates. Our description writers identify gaps in the dialogue and create scripts that provide clear, concise, objective descriptions, prioritized to provide the most useful information within the available time. Our voice talent carefully match the style, tone, and pace of the program but with a delivery that is clearly distinguishable from the other voices in the program. Our audio engineers check and adjust volume levels of each description to ensure that levels are matching and appropriate to the original program audio prior to mixing. All scripts are fully reviewed by a senior description writer prior to voicing, and all voiced descriptions are fully reviewed prior to any final mix with the original program audio. Finished audio is given a final QC review to confirm appropriate fade curves and volume levels. Our audio description process is designed and proven to reliably deliver the highest quality audio description

Whether your project is commercial, a music video, a corporate video, episodic television series, DVD/Blu-ray or a feature length film, Capsule Media offers a wide variety of accessible solutions for your content. Completed accessibility content can be delivered to tape, various video file formats or even as a stand alone file.

Let Capsule Media help your project reach new audiences the world over!

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