Professional Services

Custom solutions for custom requirements.

Cloud Storage

Capsule Media provides cloud storage solutions for all of your backup requirements. From small assets to large, we can store it for you.

Transcoding / File Conversion

Capsule Media utilizes the latest technologies to deliver unsurpassed quality at ultra-fast processing speeds combined with exceptional pricing.

Encrypted Highspeed Delivery

Capsule Media will make sure your files arrive in the fastest possible time, while ensuring 100% integrity of the files.

Archival Digitization

Capsule Media has extensive experience converting analog audio reels, video tapes, optical discs, and film content into digital files.

Closed Captioning & Subtitling

Capsule Media provides closed captioning and subtitling services for media, corporate, education, not-for-profits, and government clients.

Descriptive Video

Our experienced team of description writers, voice talent, and audio engineers will quickly and professionally describe your program.

So What Next?

See anything you're interested in?  If so, feel free to contact us.